Not Just a Toner, It’s So Much More!

Tropic‘s Vitamin Toner, is not just a toner, it’s so much more! But why do we need to use one in the first place?

Use of a skin toner helps to close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing. This reduces the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin. Toner can also protect and remove chlorine and minerals present in tap water.

But what about Tropic’s Vitamin Toner? This pore-refining mist, instantly refreshes the skin, and is available individually, or as part of Tropic’s ABC Collection. Infused with hydrating aloe vera and cucumber juices, vitamins B3, B5 and C, this product will help to even skin tone and refine pores. - not just a toner, it's so much more - image showing Tropic's Vitamin Toner

Packed full of innovative micro-dispersed oil and water particles, this product is especially hydrating to the skin. The oil particles acts as a vehicle allowing the water particles to travel more deeply into the skins epidermis. A barrier forms on the skin’s surface, preventing dirt and bacteria from clogging the pores.

You can really smell the cucumber as you mist the product over your face and neck, leaving a brighter more refined complexion.

The versatility of Tropic’s products is amazing. Just take a look at some of the possible uses here:

  • Setting Makeup
  • Taming Fly Away Hair
  • Cleaning Makeup Brushes
  • Detangling Hair
  • Cooling You Down (see below)
  • Calming Prickly Heat - not just a toner, it's so much more - image showing a use for Tropic's Vitamin Toner

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