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It Started with a New Job and a Gift!

That is correct; this journey all started with a new job and a Christmas gift!

I first discovered the wonders of Tropic back in 2018 when my daughter in law became an Ambassador. She had started her own beauty therapy business and had been looking for a suitable product range to champion.

At the time, I was already using a competitors mineral makeup. However wanting to be supportive, I decided that Tropic’s Mineral Foundation would be my logical starting point. So I chose the Flawless Collection and was very quickly impressed with how the products melted effortlessly onto the skin. Incidentally, the Full Coverage Kabuki Brush that came with the kit is still going strong today. - it started with a new job and a gift - picture showing Tropic's ABC Collection

At the time, being an avid fan of a competitors skincare products, I was not actively looking to change. However that next Christmas, I was given a gift of the ABC Collection. So, once the old products had gone, I ventured onto the new.

At first, I was not a complete fan. I instantly loved the Smoothing Cleanser and Vitamin Toner, but I was not so sure about the Skin Feast. I was going through the menopause and it left my skin feeling sticky. As I later discovered, I was simply using too much and after adjusting the quantity down, I was sold!

What you come to learn with Tropic products is that a little goes a long way!

Taking The Plunge!

Up until the Summer of 2019, I had been running the family business. However the unexpected death of my husband meant that everything had to change. Suddenly I found myself without a job but with an awful lot of personal duties to carry out. - it all started with a new job and a gift - an image of Tropic's makeup palette

After going to a friend’s pamper party that November, first thoughts of becoming a Tropic Ambassador came into my head. However it was not until February 2020 that the idea came back. This time however, it was so obvious. I put the idea to my fiance, who instantly agreed. Then I set the wheels in motion by getting in touch with my daughter in law.

Within a day or so, I had completed all the necessary formalities and was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new starter kit.

It’s Arrived!!

Within a matter of days of signing up, my Tropic starter kit had arrived. - it started with a new job and a gift - picture showing Tropic's New Starter Kit

I remember the excitement of opening the box and taking out all the items. Everything was so beautifully packed and there were so many goodies to try. I was like a pig in mud, with everything scattered about me on the floor, looking and smelling wonderful.

I eagerly set about organising everything into a display to enable photos to be taken broadcasting the fact that I was now in business.

Now that I look back, my photos were rubbish, but they served their purpose at the time!

I was now ready to begin my Tropic Journey for real!

Interested in Becoming an Ambassador Yourself?

If you’d like to start your own Tropic journey, then please get in touch and I’ll explain what’s involved. - it all started with a new job and a gift - an image where a Tropic Ambassador is showing two customers some products