Just How Much of this Product is Left?

Airless pump action bottles are works of art in terms of avoiding waste, but how do you know just how much of this product is actually left? However before we look at that, let us look at how these bottles work.

An airless pump bottle is a non-pressurised vacuum dispensing unit that utilises a mechanical pump in its lid. As you push down on the pump, a disc in the bottom rises to force the product up and out. 

The advantage of using an airless pump is that the material inside the bottle dispenses completely, giving maximum reduction on wasted product. Additionally, the product stored inside is preserved as no air can get to it.

Our Tropic pump action bottles look beautiful sitting on your dressing table or bathroom shelf. However, their frosted outer casing does not allow you to see the contents within. So how do you know how much is left?

It’s easy. Turn on your phone’s torch and shine it up from underneath the bottle, remembering that these products pump from the bottom up. The images below show the answer.

www.penelopedunlop.com - how much of this product is actually left - image showing how to torch test pump action bottles to see how much is left in them

Incidentally, the principle works for tubes too. However, this time, shine your torch from behind.

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