HOW DO SUNSCREEN PRODUCTS ACTUALLY WORK? - suncare - a photo showing Tropic's suncare products

How Do Sunscreen Products Actually Work?

In honour of National Sun Awareness Week, I thought I would share some information on sunscreen products and how they actually work. - how do sunscreen products actually work - an image of all Tropics sunscreen products

Wherever you live in the World, sun care is key to achieving a healthy, protected and youthful looking skin.

There are two different types of product on the market; mineral and chemical.

Mineral sun filters do not absorb into the skin like their chemical counterparts. They work by reflecting UV rays away from our body. The thickness of the product makes a great option for those jumping in and out of water. The downside is that they tend to leave a white sheen sitting on the surface of your skin! Getting an even application is not easy. Neither is getting the product off at the end of the day.

Chemical sun filters work in much the same way as the melanin in our skin does by absorbing and converting UV rays into heat. The trouble is that the chemicals in these products are not healthy for our skin. Neither are they good for our planet!

Tropic’s Answer to Chemicals

Tropic made it their mission to find a safer and healthier alternative for chemical sunscreen. By using cutting-edge green science, they have been able to combine chemical and mineral sunscreens to create a hybrid version. This safe formulation, resulting in the creation of Great Barrier, not only absorbs into the skin more easily, but more importantly is reef-friendly.

Great Barrier Sun Lotion - how do sunscreen products actually work - an image of Tropics Great Barrier range

This lightweight, antioxidant-rich sunscreen is the recommended starting product for everyone. Packed with vitamins and natural plant extracts, it offers a range of skincare benefits, including being the perfect choice for those with an active lifestyle. The product is available in two sizes. The 200ml size comes in SPF 15, 30 and 50 and is priced at £28. The 100ml size is only available in SPF 50 and is priced at £18.

Skin Shade Sun Cream

Great Barrier and Skin Shade both offer broad spectrum, water-resistant UVA/UVB protection. They are certified reef-safe by Protect Land + Sea. - how do sunscreen products actually work - an image showing Tropic's Skin Shade

For those with sensitive skin or who prefer a richer texture, there is Skin Shade . This 100% mineral product has an improved super-smooth texture. It contains natural plant extracts and vitamins offering skin-loving benefits that go beyond simply protecting your skin from the sun. Skin Shade comes in the same combinations and prices as Great Barrier.

Both products have a gorgeous coconut scent, which will whisk you off to the most exotic of places!

Sun Day Facial UV Defence - how do sunscreen products actually work - an image showing Tropics Sun Day

Tropic also have a beautiful silky and lightweight facial sunscreen product. This product is perfect on its own or can be used as a primer under makeup. It is made from antioxidant rich hibiscus extract, which helps to protect the skin from free radicals, banana flower extract calms irritation and hyaluronic acid delivers a boost of long lasting hydration. This product is also available in two sizes; 40ml for £24 and 15ml for £10.

Sun Stick - how do sunscreen products actually work - an image showing Tropics Sun Stick

This on the go, water resistant balm in stick form will keep your skin protected from UVA/UVB rays. Containing organic tamanu and cottonseed oils, it will leave skin feeling nourished and soft. It also contains anti-inflammatory marshmallow root extract to soothe irritation. This product is available in one handy 17g pocket sized version for £20.

Sun Soothe Cooling Aftersun Lotion - how do sunscreen products actually work - an image showing Tropic's Sun Soothe

No day in the sun would be complete without something to help cool the skin down. This deeply soothing and super-cooling lotion will calm sun damaged skin and help enhance your natural tan. Aloe vera juice and menthol provide the cooling and calming properties, jojoba oil deeply nourishes and vitamin E repairs the skin, all helping to minimise skin peel. The addition of bisabolol and eucalyptus also help to soothe and rejuvenate sun damaged skin.

This product comes in two sizes; 200ml for £22 and 100ml for £12.

Returns Offer

If you return 5 empties of any Tropic sun care products, Tropic will send you a 15ml Sun Day for free! How generous is that.

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