My name is Penny and I could be the answer to all your problems!


Back in 2007, I set up a Limited Company for a small specialist window installation business and I single-handedly ran the administrative side of that business until its recent closure due to health issues (not my own).  During that time,  I experienced the financial highs and lows that is the construction industry, the chasing and quoting for countless installations, but also having reasonable success after finding the right level to pitch at against my competitors.  I’ve experienced at first hand how stressful the construction industry can be in terms of cashflow and how the antics of just one main contractor can almost shut you down.  The sleepless nights, but also the thrill that comes with running your own business.

Prior to that I worked as a Personal Assistant to the corporate finance team at Arthur Anderson, a doctor of psychopharmacology at Merck Sharpe & Dohme, the Chief Accountant at Longmans Publishers and various other PA roles.


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