CIS, what a pain in the neck that is! Wouldn’t it be nice to let someone else take care of all the associated paperwork and formalities for you?


Although our HMRC business dashboard can reveal a lot of information to us about how much we owe them, it doesn’t actually let you see anything in respect of CIS contributions that have or have not been received and the size of the credit that is sitting on your account, which is very unhelpful, to say the least!

Whether you are a sub-contractor or a small business who uses sub-contractors, I can help you both.

If you are a sub-contractor, I can make sure that you receive all your CIS certificates from main contractors, chasing them up if necessary because those precious bits of paper are worth money to you!

If you are a small businesses using sub-contractors, I can take care of the verification process with HMRC so that we know what deduction rate to charge  and I can produce and issue their monthly payment certificates on your behalf or supply them to you so that you can give them out personally.  I can also log your monthly CIS deduction figures with HMRC as part of my payroll service.


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I remember year’s ago, before I fully realised the full importance of keeping tabs on CIS certificates (mainly because I didn’t have the time) that I potentially lost money for the business because I didn’t chase for that one piece of paper that confirmed that the contractor had paid over our 20% deduction to HMRC.  That’s not to say that they didn’t pay it, however without that Certificate saying that they have, you’re totally stuffed in the eyes of HMRC because you can’t prove anything and therefore your money could potentially be sitting in one of their suspense accounts, which is not good!