Are Your Brushes Crying Out to be Cleaned?

Are your makeup brushes crying out to be cleaned? I have just read that they should be cleaned on a weekly basis. This is because they harbour all sorts of nasties. E.coli and MRSA are mentioned. They also provide the perfect breeding ground for other bacteria to flourish. Product buildup, dead skin cells, dust and oil are also an issue! Dirty brushes not only aggravate acne, but they can also spread all sorts of viral, fungal and bacterial infections. - Are your brushes crying out to be cleaned? - a picture showing clean brushes arranged in a glass jar

A recent study showed that 72% of women actually admit to never cleaning their makeup brushes weekly, in fact they don’t do it at all!! Can you believe that?

I have to say that I am not quite that bad. I even bought a special brush cleaner for the purpose, not that I ever used it on a regular basis! My own brushes have been lucky to have been cleaned every few months! I had always waited until a product buildup was visible before introducing them to any form of cleaner. However, that is a practice that I now need to change!

The solution to dirty brushes

Tropic produce four beautiful body washes. They come in four different combinations of fragrance, all formulated to clean and refresh our skin.

However, they are also very effective at gently cleaning dirt from our makeup brushes too! - Are your brushes crying out to be cleaned? - an image showing the four different types of Tropic Skincare Body Wash bottles

Just apply a small amount of body wash onto the brush fibres and gently massage with your hands to clean away any makeup buildup. If you have not been doing this on a regular basis, you will probably need to repeat the process a few more times. Once clean, rinse your brush in warm water and set it aside to dry. This can either be in an upright container or on one of our super-soft Bamboo Face Cloths.

There you have it, job done until next week!!

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